We organise photographic plein-airs on which we deliver practical classes. Students work is evaluated individually on location and a detailed feedback is provided by tutor. Meetings form depends on subject. Plein-airs can be an excellent way to combine active leisure with education. This sort of classes is often associated with trips during which students, while learning photography, visit natural and cultural attractions.

Our plein-airs have following qualities:

Knowing the heritage:

  • natural
  • cultural
  • historic.
  • learning new skills and gaining relevant experience
  • combining theory with practice
  • higher learning curve via correction of errors straight on location
  • learning through experience
  • individual development plan for each learner.
  • meeting people from different backgrounds with common interests
  • exchange of experiences

  • socialising.
  • physical and mental activity
  • outdoor recreation.

Selected thematic plein-airs:

  • religious architecture
  • historic architecture
  • forgotten places.
  • natural (e.g. mountains, foothill, lowlands, forest)
  • cultural (e.g. city, industrial, rural).
  • reportage & short term projects
  • long term documentary projects.

Gallery from selected plein-airs: